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Feb 2017
Marc Godard
Feb 11 2017 01:35 UTC
Hi Guys, I am using can.route for navigation, is there a way to make this change the title of the page (the one that shows up on the tab) without the title being added to the location bar?
FYI I am still using can 2.3
Kevin Phillips
Feb 11 2017 01:46 UTC
if your’e using done-autorender you can use stache for your title like <title>{{title}}</title>
and set that value based on your routes
Matthew Phillips
Feb 11 2017 16:17 UTC
or if not using done-autorender bind to your viewModel and set document.title when the title prop changes.
Gregg Roemhildt
Feb 11 2017 21:28 UTC
I was wondering about something recently. This might be a silly question but can I create a component programatically on a dom element? Instead of rendering the component's stache template, could I do something like this?
new MyComponent(document.body.getElementById('app'), { prop: 'value' })
Justin Meyer
Feb 11 2017 22:14 UTC
@roemhildtg yes, but you have to provide it tagData