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Mar 2017
Chasen Le Hara
Mar 03 2017 03:19
@Lighttree Yeah, I would create types for the list and the maps, then you can use define for any properties that you need on either type (like the formatted values on the individual maps).
Since you’re on CanJS 2.x, you might want to check out can-validate-legacy if you haven’t seen it already:
Rob Lao
Mar 03 2017 12:37
canlist.extend({foo:() => { this.blahblah }}) not working with typescript, this would point to module rather than the object in context. Any ideas?
Could canjs team please take care of typescript a bit
Kevin Phillips
Mar 03 2017 13:47
arrow functions don’t get a new context, so it will work like that in javascript also
    foo:() => {
        // `this` is the window
    bar() {
        // `this` is the List instance
thanks! using function() {...} works
Nico R.
Mar 03 2017 22:14
@phillipskevin I forgot to remove the first two letters (‘on’) from the event name, now I’m using ($focusout)=".save(.)” and it works :-)
Kevin Phillips
Mar 03 2017 23:19
:thumbsup: great @nriesco