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Apr 2017
Nico R.
Apr 08 2017 04:22
@chasenlehara provided me with this working code:,js,output but I tried to change var ViewModel = can.Map.extend({… to var ViewModel = can.DefineMap.extend({ and just couldn’t make it work
is there a way/recipe to move from Map to DefineMap?
Nico R.
Apr 08 2017 04:29
wow, it was way easier than in 2.x...
I simplified the code to this:
var ViewModel = can.DefineMap.extend({ 
  newPerson: Person,
  createNewPerson: function() {
  this.newPerson = new Person({ name: 'John 2' });
DefineMap seems way more “natural”
Nico R.
Apr 08 2017 05:38
I got this warning: One or more items were retrieved which do not match the 'Set' parameters used to load them. Read the docs for more information: Algebras are something completely new to me, are they needed or optional?
Nico R.
Apr 08 2017 16:35
I had nightmares with this algebra thing… any tutorial or sample code that might inspire me?