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May 2017
Pedro Mendes
May 31 2017 00:56
Hi all.
Is it possible to setup a model layer with the instance store and caching layer synchronized?
I've lay down my expectations about this in the doneJS forum
Frank Lemanschik
May 31 2017 08:27
possible yes i am sure
Guido Smeets
May 31 2017 12:14
anyone got any experience integrating a pubsub library like postal into a canjs drive application?
Szabolcs Schmidt
May 31 2017 14:04

When binding a property on child component do I have to transform child property name from camel case?
From this:

<child-comp {{childProp}}="propOnParent" />

To this:

<child-comp {{child-prop}}="propOnParent" />

I'm using CanJS 3.8.0 with DefineMaps on both parent and child side.

Kevin Phillips
May 31 2017 14:30
Yes, you do @sszabolcs
Szabolcs Schmidt
May 31 2017 14:57
Thanks @phillipskevin
Justin Meyer
May 31 2017 16:06
@dbleier weigh in on what?
Brad Momberger
May 31 2017 16:28
My take on the problem is but you may have better insight on it.
Justin Meyer
May 31 2017 16:47
Yeah, I think you are right @bmomberger-bitovi . @dbleier check this out: