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Jun 2017
Frank Lemanschik
Jun 10 2017 12:14
most easy is always take some money and hire some one who knows what he does :)
he will inform you about so called pro active health checking you active check if 4 lbs are up and add 4 diffrent lbs as dns entrys or even more if you got money as entrys for your target. the magic is done by the active health check if one goes down the health check takes aktion to deactive the entrys maybe set short ttl all that depends on really exact use cases and that. So the result is your uptime is 100%
so Conclusion a Loadbalancer is nothing Without DNS ;) and backup Loadbalancers
in datacenters loadbalancers fall out all the time thats why they use tech like packet duplexing you double packets even if not needed and drop them latter again
Frank Lemanschik
Jun 10 2017 12:20
if you really have systems that need to get data no matter what :)