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Jun 2017
Yeswanth Raghav T
Jun 12 2017 10:46
I trying to use .Backup() and .Restore() functions for a model with two elements of can.List type
It is not working
For model with elements of plain string values it is working
Can anyone help me...??
Frank Lemanschik
Jun 12 2017 14:49
i cant i am only javascript coder
i still don't understand many stuff like this :)
i would most times be happy if the most most basic stuff would work :)
realtime updates or something like that
Frank Lemanschik
Jun 12 2017 14:55
i always code the update functions my self :) and often i pool but in documentations and stuff like that always gets talked about automated :)
Brad Momberger
Jun 12 2017 17:22
@tyraghav can you demonstrate this in a JSBin?