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Jun 2017
Brad Momberger
Jun 19 2017 16:18
You should be able to call this.validate() any time.
Ranjan Subbiah
Jun 19 2017 18:58

hey, I am passing two arrays into a component - selector-options and enabled-options. I have a enabledOptions setter in the component that modifies selector-options(the property named 'enabled' is added to each of the objects in the array and set to true or false). And in the stache file I have:

{{#each ./selectorOptions}}
    {{#if ./enabled}}

but live binding doesn't work in this case and wondering what the best solution would be.

Pedro Mendes
Jun 19 2017 22:37
Hi all,
Knowing that "getList" implementation at can-connect/constructor actively resolves the getListData() promise how can I take control of the promise Type.getList resolution in my client code without completely break the getList flow (getListData -> hydrateList -> ...) ?
Frank Lemanschik
Jun 19 2017 22:37
good question
Brad Momberger
Jun 19 2017 22:41
@ranjanbuilds Try making the enabled property in the item a getter, like get() { return parent.enabledOptions.indexOf(this) }
Assuming you have a reference to the component from within the option object.