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Jun 2017
Pedro Mendes
Jun 25 2017 07:35
@nlundquist Yes, wrapping the Promise in a function would make it possible to pass it around. Thanks for the tip.
Frank Lemanschik
Jun 25 2017 14:01
@nlundquist after all i think now after fully understanding can-connect and can-define i would say i mean a can-connect that uses streams for behaviers
connect() == stream
then i can do .map(behavier).map(behavier)
options get passed directly into the behavier
Frank Lemanschik
Jun 25 2017 14:11
ah that also makes not much sense i don't know forget the idea
a view model that can drive values directly out of kefir streams would be more then enought
i could make a stream that produces a value and that get set that would be awsome