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Jun 2017
Viktor Busko
Jun 30 2017 12:23
Someone has an issue with You can't have two versions of can-observation, check your dependencies after latest updates ? :D
Frank Lemanschik
Jun 30 2017 12:55
@Lighttree where do you got that
can i reproduce that?
post me your package json depedencys and dev dependencys i will then tell you the right versions
Kevin Phillips
Jun 30 2017 13:42
npm ls can-observation
should tell you where the incorrect version is coming from
Jun 30 2017 19:13
:sparkles: Happy Friday! The people have spoken and we have listened. Here is the long-awaited can-connect feedback form :tada: Please fill it out if you feel like helping out Bitovi OS improve can-connect OR if you are procrastinating on something unpleasant this afternoon.