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Jul 2017
Viktor Busko
Jul 07 2017 06:16
@matthewp yes, they added P0 for it. So I guess this will be fixed in nearest future.
As temporary solution I just created 'shimmed' copy of can-fixture.js locally in order to fix the build.
Viktor Busko
Jul 07 2017 06:26
Guys, for this feature:
There is a line in docs
Currently this only works with can-view-autorender or the steal-stache plugin.
Does this mean that there is a plan to provide this feature for cases when you build using something different from Steal ?
Frank Lemanschik
Jul 07 2017 09:09
@mihmul83 what your doing there looks really wirred :) it looks for me like Express
or some other NodeJs framework that is similar
app === express() ?
this is canJS's router module
@Lighttree this because of donejs/donejs
its steal + donejs
and it works and is used also with done-autorender
wich is used there
in donejs this is the strandart method of importing stuff via stache
there you can see the dynamic imports
Justin Meyer
Jul 07 2017 15:32
Matthew Phillips
Jul 07 2017 15:33
@Lighttree I saw they merged the webpack bug, did you try again?
Frank Lemanschik
Jul 07 2017 16:18
@justinbmeyer about debug of kefir streams i use scan for this already you can simply scan and see the values where they come from isn't that enought?
Frank Lemanschik
Jul 07 2017 16:52
@justinbmeyer do you think it is possible to maybe work with me or some one else on can-event that it some how could drive values from events like a event emitter into define map for me it looks like this could get compatible some way and shouldn't be so much work? or are there pitfalls?
Justin Meyer
Jul 07 2017 18:29
@frank-dspeed derivedStream.scan won't be able to give me the stream that derivedStream is deriving from
I'm not sure what you mean by "drive values from events"
Frank Lemanschik
Jul 07 2017 18:30
i mean i saw some packages like can-event
that look like they could create a compute that sets its value from a event
was that wrong?
i need a CanJS Compatible observable from an eventEmitter like
so that the computes value is message for example from socket.on('msg', message)
a define map is a object full of observeables right?
var handlers = [];
var value;
    var fn = function(){
        return value;
        socket.on('msg', function(data){
                           value = data;
                canBatch.queue([handler, fn, [newValue]]);
            }, this);

    canReflect.set(fn, canSymbol.for("can.onValue"), function(handler){
    canReflect.set(fn, canSymbol.for("can.offValue"), function(handler){
        var index = handlers.indexOf(handler);
        handlers.splice(index, 1);
    return fn;
ask this in a forum post and I can go into more detail
Frank Lemanschik
Jul 07 2017 18:36
ok i will do that but i think i already getting it
i think i understand this a bit i will create a post about that thanks a lot
maybe this will also allow me to use streams finally as expect
that all would be the awsome bridge i needed all the time