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Jul 2017
Frank Lemanschik
Jul 19 2017 09:11
@chasenlehara new idea try to get that landet can-audit something that checks if models return a value to find fails in can-define-maps and such sturcutres
something that scans for commun pitfalls
we can't check if it returns the right value but we can easy check if all defined props return a value
And some how address the zones issue that it sometimes returns a white page or a partial rendered from donejs there needs to be info about that good view able for beginners so they understand why it don't renders
Frank Lemanschik
Jul 19 2017 09:16
maybe a faq section ? i can collect some often asked questions
as canjs page now got search
a faq would be the idal addition
Jul 19 2017 12:44
Hello! I have a problem with helper's and mustache templates. Can V.2.2.9. I trying to put text inside data-attr, but i see only '!!'. Do you know is it possible to fix it in mustache?
Mohamed Cherif Bouchelaghem
Jul 19 2017 12:48
@alexey1986 I think it was fixed with CanJS V2.3.x
@alexey1986 you must use data attributes?
Jul 19 2017 13:02
Thank you. It depends on there is a condition inside data attr or outside whole element. I use helper inside data attr.
Gregg Roemhildt
Jul 19 2017 14:05
just curious if anyone uses any layout libraries with canjs? something that can be pretty flexible allowing multiple panes/sidebars etc. I've checked out golden-layout but was wondering if anyone else had used anything. Any suggestions would be very helpful :smile:
Jul 19 2017 14:47

hi guys, i have a question about routing

const AppViewModel = DefineMap.extend({    
    userName: 'string',
    page: 'string',   
    userId: 'number',

const appVM = new AppViewModel({}); = appVM;

and it works but it also add other appVM props to the hash whenewer they changed.
like #!page/userId&userName=name
is it possible to see only #!page/userId in hash?

Kevin Phillips
Jul 19 2017 15:10
you need to set serialize: false on those other properties
Mohamed Cherif Bouchelaghem
Jul 19 2017 15:11
@AntonProkofyev for the properties that you dont want to be serialized on route use serialize: false
Jul 19 2017 15:26
thx guys