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Jul 2017
Frank Lemanschik
Jul 23 2017 09:20
@phillipskevin @justinbmeyer @matthewp really nice with good info graphics shows diffrent algos for using service workers maybe really helpfull
i think this could maybe easy improve can-fixture because both intercept requests?
it will also solve the http push problem because it intercepts the request :)
Aryeh Katz
Jul 23 2017 18:24

Hey everyone, is there a repo for the itself?

There is a small bug with the top right menu (the 2 black and white dots), clicking on it sends to but on mobile this should be activated only after the first click (only after the menu opens)
you can reproduce it by activating mobile view using chrome debugger, click on the menu, it opens and sends right to

Frank Lemanschik
Jul 23 2017 18:26
wait i will watch into that
and if i can reproduce it i will open a issue for you
or do you want to do that yourself?
the site gets generated i think a issue would be fine as i at present don't remember how that was i do not so much documentation
thats the documentation about the website @katzio
Kevin Phillips
Jul 23 2017 23:51
@katzio is the repo
@frank-dspeed I've thought about using service-worker for can-fixture, but I'm not sure how well it would work since service-workers don't take effect until the second time the page is loaded