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Sep 2017
Pavel Rezunenko
Sep 22 2017 11:58

Is this example valid:

I have the equal code to authenticate and now it's broken after upgrade from 3.9.1

if(behavior.init) {
// overwrite
    var behavior = {
        init: function(){
            this.Map = this.Map || types.DefaultMap.extend({});
            this.List = this.List || types.DefaultList.extend({});

types.DefaultList is undefined.

Cannot read property 'extend' of null
   at Behavior.init (map.js:40)
    at connect (
    at connect (connect.js:49)
    at execute (authorize.js:25)
    at doExecute (steal.js:2158)
    at ensureEvaluated (steal.js:2205)
    at doEnsureEvaluated (steal.js:2168)
    at Loader.get (steal.js:2308)
    at getModule (steal.js:4036)
    at steal.js:4081
    at execute (steal.js:4893)
Justin Meyer
Sep 22 2017 15:32
@supar I'll check it out after the contributor meeting
Chasen Le Hara
Sep 22 2017 15:32
@/all We’re going through all the community survey items during today’s contributors meeting, starting in a few minutes!
Justin Meyer
Sep 22 2017 15:32
Sep 22 2017 15:32
cant join
Chasen Le Hara
Sep 22 2017 15:39
Chasen Le Hara
Sep 22 2017 16:57