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Oct 2017
Nico R.
Oct 24 2017 03:29
Hi, I found this in the docs: but couldn’t understand how to use it in a form, any ideas?
I was looking for an easy way to support HTML “required” fields
Nico R.
Oct 24 2017 03:35
or providing a custom method
Oct 24 2017 09:07
We get a lot of warnings about a property that is not in the current scope and that the property is read from the parent scope. It is resolved when we do {{ ../myprop}} instead of {{myprop}} but is this the right way to solve these warnings?
Kevin Phillips
Oct 24 2017 13:24
Sorry the docs that warning links to haven't been published yet. There are a few ways to resolve this
Hopefully you can read that. Yes, if you want to read the prop from the parent scope, ../myProp is the correct way to do it.
Kevin Phillips
Oct 24 2017 13:54
if there are places where you think ../myprop isn't the right way to do it, let us know @swipie
Brad Momberger
Oct 24 2017 16:01
Got ninja'd by @phillipskevin, but I was going to add that reading explicitly from the scope level where your prop exists will help ease the upgrade process to future major revisions of can-stache
Frank Lemanschik
Oct 24 2017 19:55
lol ninjaed
new term :)
i use normaly outsmartned
Brad Momberger
Oct 24 2017 19:56
It's not quite outsmarted, just that someone else got in a correct or agreeing response while you were composing your own.
Frank Lemanschik
Oct 24 2017 19:58
ok if you say so
Frank Lemanschik
Oct 24 2017 19:59

Streaming can-component

const Nils = require('../../')
const defineMap = require('can-define/map/map')
const Component = require('can-component')
const view = require('index.stache')

const app = new Nils()

const viewModel = defineMap.extend({sealed: false},{})

// Init ViewModel
// could be also a defineMap->Stream{
  inputX: '',
  inputY: ''
// Observe DOM Elements
// return { update, assign }
  return { inputX: val }
    return { inputY: val }
// Returns the ViewModelUpdating State aka can-x-connect :)
// This can also be a complet Can Component
// its only for demo
.loop(function applyVM(lastSetVal, setVal){
  let seed = lastSetVal.viewModel.updateDeep(setVal)
  return return { seed, value: seed };
  tag: 'kasse-login',
// Acticvate the Stream All gets executed as sideEffect
what do you think about that?
for small components you can even drop can component and directly render stach
Brad Momberger
Oct 24 2017 20:00
You named your app for @nlundquist ?
Frank Lemanschik
Oct 24 2017 20:01
no thats the name from my son
here you can read about Nils

What is Nils?

Nils is the short form of Nikolaos (Santa Claus) it is composed from the greek words Nike and Laos

    Nike = Winner

    Laos = Public

= Winner of the Public! It offers DOM Diffing, Streams, Workflows for WebDevelopment
i am at present composing a new framework
that is canjs compatible
as i use canjs as legacy layer for old browsers
i simply take a little stuff from canjs like can-component for compatiblity with browsers that don't support web components
rest ist webcomponent based
and my standart observe able is not can-compute its a stream
the stream is A+
Promise compilant
i also will use steal for easyer development
but a total new ssr technology
here you see a rendered component where i atach the viewModel as soon as JS gets executed
that allows me to return fast simple html
Frank Lemanschik
Oct 24 2017 20:06
the core framework turns any HTML into Observe Able :)
thats why it includes domDiffing
the component isolation encapsulation happens already as webcomponent
incremental loading and such stuff is a standart feature
and the standart behavier
it even got incremental rendering line by line :)
it supports stuff like complex loading algos for execution priority and all that
so that you get the fastes possible first view
and then getting incremental interactiv
all in all i think i can use it and release it over the next month and till Christmas it will be mature
as i use diffrent components already
Brad Momberger
Oct 24 2017 20:12 seems like an opportunity for metaprogramming. Wouldn't that pattern be used all the time everywhere?
Frank Lemanschik
Oct 24 2017 20:14
it is not
its a bit more complex to explain all the context and that
but if your interrested we can have a hangout
and i teach you why this is cool and how it works in context
Brad Momberger
Oct 24 2017 20:15
No time for it right now.
Frank Lemanschik
Oct 24 2017 20:15
Webcomponent <script tag> for example gets executed on global window
Brad Momberger
Oct 24 2017 20:15
But do make some screencasts
Frank Lemanschik
Oct 24 2017 20:15
i will i will
i am a single person
i am at present happy that it works and that i found the pattern
to use streams all over
that makes coding a lot of easyer
and now i can compose done-applications
on a single page