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Nov 2017
Frank Lemanschik
Nov 05 2017 00:17
@cherifGsoul do you know where i could find a good old donejs or canjs app
something thats older then 3 years=?
i want to test app composition
maybe i can make a can element to combine legacy and current canjs applications :)
Frank Lemanschik
Nov 05 2017 00:29
@cherifGsoul canjs/can-element#39
thx for helping me to create this :)
its a complet donejs application so its the first autorendering donejs application / component
autoMount to its html tag
you can use this now for your php
its also nice to develop as you can bundle that dev-bundle with steal tools
Mohamed Cherif Bouchelaghem
Nov 05 2017 16:22
@frank-dspeed I dont know where you can find the a legacy app
Frank Lemanschik
Nov 05 2017 18:20
i will maybe then take the example apps
most old version i want to write guide for transition to webcomponents :)
then they all shall publish as much as they can so i can directly use it :)
like all the Polymer people do then i can focus on my main thing again Coding a IDE that allows rapid development of applications
with already done build block