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Nov 2017
Viktor Busko
Nov 23 2017 09:28

@bmomberger-bitovi yeah testee is easier way, but it will use Phantom on CI as far as I know and this is something that I would like to avoid. My expectation is that running test directly in Node should be faster (for this purpose), because you won't run headless browser etc.

Besides I was able to run it with JSDom :) If someone interested.

Added some extra config for Mocha:
"test": "mocha --require babel-core/register config/tests src/**/*.test.js"

config itself:

import { JSDOM } from 'jsdom';
import requireHacker from 'require-hacker';

const { document } = (new JSDOM('...')).window;

// Mock unnescessary modules.
requireHacker.hook('stache', () => 'module.exports = ""');
requireHacker.hook('scss', () => 'module.exports = ""');

// Emulate browser API.
Object.keys(document.defaultView).forEach((property) => {
    if (typeof global[property] === 'undefined') {
        global[property] = document.defaultView[property];

During this work I was able to reproduce this issue :

I have workaround for this issue in my webpack config for a long time. (just added an alias):

resolve: {
        alias: {
            'can-make-rest': 'can-make-rest/can-make-rest'

But since mocha runs without webpack build this issue strikes back :)

Brad Momberger
Nov 23 2017 16:26
@Lighttree we have CI and we use Firefox. Like, real Firefox. No need for a headless build. We just set up Xvfb to receive the graphical bits and it's fine. You can see this in any .travis.yml file in
Is is as fast as running without a headless browser? No. You still have some overhead for spawning the browser. But it's less of a hassle to set up, and it's tried and tested. We know it works well.
Are you using can-make-rest 0.1.2 or later and still seeing that issue?