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Dec 2017
Sander Roeffaers
Dec 05 2017 07:21
can-jquery is fixed! Thanks!
Andrei Balmus
Dec 05 2017 09:36
Hi guys, I’m getting these simbols (@@!!@@) inside my template. I found this code in can/view/render.js
if (newTag === 'span') {
     return '@@!!@@';
Kevin Phillips
Dec 05 2017 14:11
your'e seeing that rendered in html @abalmush?
Andrei Balmus
Dec 05 2017 14:38
yes @phillipskevin
I’m loading templates like so: import template from ‘./app/template.html’
also looks like canjs version 2 wont work with Webpack, not sure why components are not rendered at all :(
once I move back to SystemJs all looks good
Chasen Le Hara
Dec 05 2017 20:20
@abalmush What does your template look like?
Andrei Balmus
Dec 05 2017 20:21
Hi @chasenlehara it looks like:
  <section class="summary-section address-book shadow {{#toggle}} closed {{/toggle}}">
        <div class="summary-section__head clearfix">
            <h4 class="summary-section__title" ($click)="toggleSummary()">
                {{#if billingAddress}}
            <a ($click)="add(%event)" class="action"><i class="icon icon-more"></i> {{#if billingAddress}}{{addBillingLabel}}{{else}}{{addDeliveryLabel}}{{/if}}</a>
the problem is that everything works well with SystemJs and Gulp
I tried to use CanJS 2 with Webpack
and I’ve got quite a lot issues :(
Chasen Le Hara
Dec 05 2017 20:24
Ah, so @@!!@@ is rendered when you use webpack?
Brad Momberger
Dec 05 2017 22:56
So I don't know if this is of any help, but in CanJS 2's Mustache implementation, @@!!@@ was used as a placeholder for text before the hook was called to populate that area with live data. The most common reason to see that was an error interrupted the rendering.
We also had cases where CanJS didn't render certain areas correctly (bugs that were later fixed), and custom rendering that didn't re-render correctly, all of which caused @@!!@@ to show up.
Chasen Le Hara
Dec 05 2017 23:06
That’s great to know, thanks Brad