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Dec 2017
Viktor Busko
Dec 21 2017 13:49

I was thinking about this issue, that I've asked before and got the idea... what if I list can as peerDependency for my components ? I mean I know that my component should work with ...can 3.x and the only thing that might brake my component is some API change which is fairly rare case. But if I do this way I'll avoid this "2 versions of something found" because entity-details-component will use "host" packages. Well at least I expect it to do this :)

Dec 21 2017 18:47
@phillipskevin et al. In an attempt to learn about bundlers other than steal with canjs, I put together a small demo @ I think it works....
Gregg Roemhildt
Dec 21 2017 20:48
So I see that react is more performant in this example now? Are you guys seeing the same?
This is on Chrome
Brad Momberger
Dec 21 2017 20:51
It's consistent with benchmarks provided by others since the release of React 16
Gregg Roemhildt
Dec 21 2017 20:54
Ah Okay. Are there any comparisons with Canjs/React 16/Angular 4?
Brad Momberger
Dec 21 2017 21:02
I haven't seen any. I don't know if it's my own browsing patterns or that performance benchmarks just aren't so compelling anymore, but they don't come across my radar much.
Kevin Phillips
Dec 21 2017 23:12
@DaveO-Home very cool. Any big takeaways?