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Jan 2018
Leland Kwong
Jan 04 2018 22:47 UTC
I noticed an issue in the 'can-ndjson-stream' example
where this code:
    let read;
    exampleStream.getReader().read().then(read = (result) => {
      if (result.done) return;


would throw an error about accessing a locked stream.
To fix it we just need to store an instance of the reader once:
    let read;
    const reader = exampleStream.getReader(); = (result) => {
      if (result.done) return;


Chasen Le Hara
Jan 04 2018 23:05 UTC
Good catch @Leland-Kwong! If you want to submit a PR to fix it, there’s an Edit on GitHub link on each page that makes it really easy to make a fork and submit a PR. :D