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Jan 2018
Nico R.
Jan 15 2018 01:26
what would be the recommended way of setting styles dynamically when using stache?
it seems to me that <div class=“class-one {{otherClasses}}”>text</div> could be a bad idea
maybe something like <div class:from=“myFunction”> would be better
Nico R.
Jan 15 2018 01:37

another question: if I have this object:

theObject = {
  foo: 'some value',
  var: 'foo'

// this works:

// will this work? is it correct?


Jan 15 2018 09:47

Hi guys, is there a general approach for handling events in canjs application? I mean not using just only <my-component on:event="doSomething()"/> syntax.

So I have the next structure of components in DOM:


The problem is that If I want to listen events from component-3 in component-1 I have to dispatch it in a component-2 and write a special method in viewModel for it