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Feb 2018
Frank Lemanschik
Feb 11 2018 16:00
some one has a idea how to fix this:
can-observation.js:255 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'valueDependencies' of undefined
    at Function.Observation.updateChildrenAndSelf (can-observation.js:255)
    at eval (can-observation.js:257)
    at Set.forEach (<anonymous>)
    at Function.Observation.updateChildrenAndSelf (can-observation.js:256)
    at Observation.get (can-observation.js:156)
    at Object.getValue (get-set.js:147)
    at Text.branchRenderer (mustache_core.js:329)
    at Text.HTMLSection.targetCallback (html_section.js:151)
    at hydrateCallbacks (can-view-target.js:254)
    at Object.hydrate (can-view-target.js:276)
i have a property editingCard that a set via a event = card
then the stache template has a if clause for if editingCard
it works well i am also using that exact same code and stuff in other components
when i now call removeEdit()
which does this.editingCard = null
this error happens
Frank Lemanschik
Feb 11 2018 16:05
i am wondering what value dependencys he is talking about and all this :(
Thomas Sieverding
Feb 11 2018 16:48
Are there any resources for finding work specially using CanJS? I love using it, but thus far I’ve only had the privillege of using it in roles in which I’ve been the principal architect, and haven’t been successful in finding CanJS contract work
Frank Lemanschik
Feb 11 2018 17:46
CanJS Contract work good question
you would need to apply@bitovi i think justin is the CEO
you can apply also for me
Simply put in your message frank also wants work :sparkles: