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Feb 2018
Frank Lemanschik
Feb 17 2018 15:01 UTC
@phillipskevin could you please tell me the function or method can-stache uses to detect a update?
Kevin Phillips
Feb 17 2018 19:22 UTC
@frank-dspeed what kind of update?
Frank Lemanschik
Feb 17 2018 20:13 UTC
@phillipskevin i mean what tells stache to update something
when a value changes on a define map
does it listen to a change event? or is this all callback based?
i would love to use something other then define map and computes to introduce value changes
and i simply don't find the exact point its somewhere between canReflect maybe
or can-observation i am not sure i think its using computes some how and that are simple objects with a getter setter and change event right?
but its ok i think i will simply need to stay with defineMap and DefineList to announce changes to stache :(
i simply will use definemap list combos as scope and update them from outside some how