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Feb 2018
Feb 24 2018 05:32
I'm trying to make use of the init function on a DefineMap:
The output seems to do something weird with the input to the new Map(). You'll see that the input argument is split into the individual characters in the console.
What am I missing/doing wrong here?
Flavio Garcia
Feb 24 2018 05:35
Hello everybody
What is the best way to clear a list?
I'm getting an annoying info, probably caused by on the stache
I'm doing: viewModel.contacts.update([]);
Flavio Garcia
Feb 24 2018 05:48
Got it
The issue wasn't when clearing the list
was the way it was defined on the stache
fixed the issue
instead of just {{#contacts}}
Feb 24 2018 10:08
@phillipskevin is there a pre version of your form guide where i can looking into?
Feb 24 2018 11:00
@phillipskevin is it possible to create a demo of select where the first option is "please choose a month" and it will handle all the other stuff like converters and 2-way-bind