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Mar 2018
Viktor Busko
Mar 01 2018 09:04

Maybe there is way to expose params to connect configuration ?

In this case we can configure what ajax params URLBehavior will use. So the idea that we will be able to do something like...

Entity.connection = connect(
    [url, constructor, constructorStore, canMap, realTime, callbacksOnce], {
        url: '/secured/entity',
        ajaxConf: {
                // configuration params  like beforeSend etc..
                // that will allow us do some additional logic if required
        Map: Entity,
        List: Entity.List,
Mar 01 2018 11:07
Hi folks, i'm using url behavior and find interesting code there
why the decision to modify object which we try to send to the server was made
why not just copy without removing
Mar 01 2018 11:12
why it's not configurable at least
Justin Meyer
Mar 01 2018 16:09
@Lighttree you could probably build some hooks like that yourself, but they aren't built in now
@AntonProkofyev it's modifying the object where?
@/all I'm going to walk through building a rich text editor on a live stream today:
Mohamed Cherif Bouchelaghem
Mar 01 2018 22:38
@justinbmeyer I was not in front of my computer :/