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Mar 2018
Matthew Phillips
Mar 07 2018 14:30 DoneJS 2.0 is out everyone!
Jeroen Cornelissen
Mar 07 2018 15:08
Having a routing issue where my route changes from /#!&page=admin&subpage=settings to /#!admin/settings, immidiatly but you can see it flicker.
When I do history.back() it changes back to /#!&page=admin&subpage=settings and stays like this.
Registered routes:
Justin Meyer
Mar 07 2018 17:52
@pYr0x good one .... yes we canJS!
@jeroencornelissen this is with 4.0?
what does your setup look like?
I updated the chat guide to a "better" setup
but the old 3.0 setup should work