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Mar 2018
Mar 13 2018 15:03
@phillipskevin nevermind and thanks for your support. I created 2 new repos and tried the steps as I described above. Now it works. I have no idea why it works in my demo repos and not in my large project, but it seems to be a config mistake on my side.
and here are my 2 demo repos
Justin Meyer
Mar 13 2018 15:13
@jaredstehler anyway you can write that up in the forums?
that is a great, but not quick question
Justin Meyer
Mar 13 2018 16:10
@/all I just put up some minor-ish changes to the homepage:
And I also made a skill-tree on the guides page:
Mohamed Cherif Bouchelaghem
Mar 13 2018 16:41
@justinbmeyer :+1:
Matthew Phillips
Mar 13 2018 17:44
Commenting on above, the ! isn't required in plugins registered with ext config as of steal 0.14 IIRC, so if you are using steal-stache you don't need it.
Marc Godard
Mar 13 2018 20:08
Hi Guys, can someone help me fix this: icanjs/grid-component#15
I am a little stuck.
Marc Godard
Mar 13 2018 20:16
I just need a bit of direction
Chasen Le Hara
Mar 13 2018 23:01
@MarcGodard Just saw your issue, looking at it now…
Chasen Le Hara
Mar 13 2018 23:19