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Apr 2018
Justin Meyer
Apr 25 2018 17:05
about to start the stream:
you can ask questions here
Thomas Sieverding
Apr 25 2018 19:07
Whats the current state of JSX integration?
Kevin Phillips
Apr 25 2018 19:09
nothing direct
you can check out react-view-model: if you want to use JSX
Thomas Sieverding
Apr 25 2018 19:10
I’m not too particularly interested in JSX tbh. I just realize that there are a lot more open source plug and play components written in react than there is in CanJS and I want to assess my options on how I can take advantage of that
It would be really nice were there a CanJS equivalent of Material UI
I was thinking JSX to stache conversion could simplify things, or alternatively using some other approach
Mohamed Cherif Bouchelaghem
Apr 25 2018 19:21
@Bajix I think can components are easier to reason about compared to react's ones and you can have the same features with less lines of code you can compare this two: