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Apr 2018
Thomas Sieverding
Apr 30 2018 01:12
Has anyone looked into JSS integration?
Viktor Busko
Apr 30 2018 09:00
@justinbmeyer HI, I have a question regarding latest survey results. IE11 is on the last place based on this survey. Does it mean that team won't spend time on this ? So CanJS officially drop support of IE11 ?
Chasen Le Hara
Apr 30 2018 19:51
@Bajix I had never heard of it but I put together this little example of using it with CanJS:
@Lighttree We won’t be dedicating any resources to IE 11 support, but we’ve outlined what needs to happen in the proposal: canjs/canjs#4115
I think we’d be happy to help anyone who wants to contribute those changes.