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May 2018
May 06 2018 13:15
in stache something like this on:click=".set('display','foo')" was possible. i saw that .setis deprecated how can do the same in stache with assign?
Dovid Bleier
May 06 2018 19:17
Hi, on a can3 project, I make a can-connect call which returns the cached data from the store, which is fine
but then when it gets new data from the server, it is not updating the stache
I stepped thru the whole call, but am not clear where stache gets updated with new data, or at least what I should override to process the new data, like I do with the returned cached data
Dovid Bleier
May 06 2018 19:24
would it be updatedInstance?
or updatedData?
Dovid Bleier
May 06 2018 20:40
ok, I think I got it by overriding updateList and passing the into my processing function