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May 2018
Justin Meyer
May 09 2018 11:29
Added a can-stache / can-stache-bindings cheat sheet:
May 09 2018 17:13
@justinbmeyer can-slot and can-template does not work with the new automount component
something like this in my clasic html page does not work
<div class="content box">
            <my-counter count:from="5">
                <can-template name="incrementButton" this:from="this">
                    <button on:click="add(5)">ADD 5!</button>
                <can-template name="countDisplay">
                    You've counted to {{count}}!
May 09 2018 18:06
can i access the element in the viewmodel of my component without adding the element on connectedCallback to the viewmodel first?
connectedCallback(el) {
      this.el = el;
Chasen Le Hara
May 09 2018 18:16
No, that has been requested though: canjs/canjs#4081
Justin Meyer
May 09 2018 21:35
@julian yeah, those aren’t currently supported