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May 2018
May 11 2018 16:07
omg... i missed the meetup... thought it will be 1 hour later...
that timezones make me crazy
Mohamed Cherif Bouchelaghem
May 11 2018 16:12
the of the the hangout is -1 hour in the daylight saving!
May 11 2018 16:18
why we have daylight saving....
that should be done away with
Morgan Heimbeck
May 11 2018 16:28
Is there any plan to work on this issue for can-stache working with node? canjs/can-stache#184
Chasen Le Hara
May 11 2018 18:24
@Xitstrategies Not right now
Looking back at the original issue: canjs/canjs#2471
I think the issues mentioned in there (about the paths) should be fixed.
Justin Meyer
May 11 2018 20:19
@Xitstrategies we can make it part of the next survey
shouldn't be hard to make a build system work for webpack