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May 2018
Viktor Busko
May 28 2018 12:09

Guys if I use can-import:

<can-import from="./app-header/app-header" />
<app-header />

I have following warning in console:
can-view-callbacks: No custom element found for can-import

Is there way to avoid this ?

May 28 2018 13:28
you have imported can-import?
Viktor Busko
May 28 2018 13:29
"can-view-import": "^3.2.9",
yeah but you have to require it
like require("can-view-import");
Viktor Busko
May 28 2018 13:30
ah :) damn
hmm... how it works in this case :)
I mean it works actually :D
just with this warning
May 28 2018 13:31
maybe because can-component also include this package
maybe stache dont know it before
like a race condition
May 28 2018 22:08
hey guys, is it possible to add query paramter to can-connect request?
i have something like this
url: {
    getListData: "GET http://medicalpad.local/api/logistics/kilometers-travelled/graphdata",
and want to add ?filter_foo=bar&filter_bar=foo
May 28 2018 22:18
ok it is that easy ;)
KilometersTravelled.getList({filter_bar: "foo"})