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Jun 2018
Kevin Phillips
Jun 13 2018 01:28
one other thing I've done in this situation is just hit the pause button in the debugger
usually after hitting it a few times you can start to see it stop inside the same code
it's not a good solution (like can-queues.logStack()), but it's another option
Justin Meyer
Jun 13 2018 15:50
Jun 13 2018 19:27
@phillipskevin that's how I solved the first one, which was a legitimate infinite render loop; I figured out the second one by removing the meat from all the components that make up the table (in such a way that they only disappeared from the table itself and not everywhere else in the UI, where I needed to interact with them to get the repro) and then ran it again, and realized my table had hundreds of rows when it was supposed to only have 10. The problem turned out to be a filtering issue where it was just putting too many records in the table.
Justin Meyer
Jun 13 2018 20:49
A short story on why you should upgrade to CanJS 4.0:
Jun 13 2018 22:39
is there a simple a simple way to render react component inside stache
i use steal 1 to build