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Jun 2018
Gregg Roemhildt
Jun 14 2018 01:18
@justinbmeyer that is a great story. And a fantastic feature. Its helped me solve so many quick mistakes
Chasen Le Hara
Jun 14 2018 16:42
For anyone wondering the same thing as @srikkanthsiki, Manuel responded in the StealJS room:
When we released react-view-model last year, I played around with integrating CanJS & React, and made this JS Bin with CanJS 3 & React 15:,js,output
It would look something like this with CanJS 4 & React 16:,js,output
connectedCallback makes it way better by keeping everything in the view model 🙌
Jun 14 2018 17:38
@chasenlehara i am using Can 2.3
does can.Component.extend supports it ?
Chasen Le Hara
Jun 14 2018 18:05
@srikkanthsiki Yes, the CanJS 3 example is pretty similar to what you’d write in 2.3
The same principle applies; you can listen for the inserted event to do the initial render.