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Jul 2018
Jul 22 2018 10:17
What is a good way to check if a object has been saved ? (To notify the user the object hasn't been saved yet.)
I mean I could come up with several ;)
@all does anybody knows if there is a exisiting canjs component for tables (sorting and so on) ?
is saw but thats seems not finalized
Jul 22 2018 14:29
@pYr0x I have a table which does not currently have sorting:
uses bootstrap 4
perhaps you can use bits from there... PRs are also welcome :)
Jul 22 2018 15:12
@roemhildtg Ah! something to watch ;)
Justin Meyer
Jul 22 2018 20:16
With can-query-logic and the cache-requests mixin, you can do sorting and such fairly easy
Mohamed Cherif Bouchelaghem
Jul 22 2018 23:35
@pYr0x @justinbmeyer Paginate example in the docs is a good start IMO