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Aug 2018
Dovid Bleier
Aug 30 2018 19:55
hello, not sure if I should post here or in steal, but when I build my app and try to run under production.html I am getting the following error that I have never seen before
Error: Error loading "menuboard-manager@5.6.12#styles.less!less" at <unknown>
Error loading "menuboard-manager@5.6.12#styles.less!less" from "menuboard-manager@5.6.12#main" at
Error loading "less" at
File not found:
    at error (steal.js:3055)
    at XMLHttpRequest.xhr.onreadystatechange (steal.js:3065)
why would it try to load less.js styles.less is contained in the main.css file
this is a can2 project
Aug 30 2018 20:52
I'm playing around with some ideas for overhauling our use of components in one of our CanJS-based applications, and I have a question about partials and content/can-slot elements. Is it possible to call a partial and pass it a content template? I tried this and it didn't work:
{{<test}}This is a partial! <b><content /></b>{{/test}}

{{>test}}And here is the content.{{/test}}
It seems like this would be the way to do it if were supported, so I'm guessing it's not. I was just wondering if anything like this is on the radar anywhere.