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Aug 2018
Justin Meyer
Aug 31 2018 15:42
DoneJS Contributors Meeting:
Gregg Roemhildt
Aug 31 2018 19:05
Hi yall.
Just wondering, one thing I struggle with is using canReflect.onKeyValue and managing the handler. Is there an easier way to remove event handlers?
Kevin Phillips
Aug 31 2018 19:57
@roemhildtg you can use listenTo / stopListening
Gregg Roemhildt
Aug 31 2018 20:21
Gotcha, that'd work for a define map, but in this case my obj isn't a define map
I've done some integration with a 3rd party observable using canReflect so I need to use canReflect.onKeyValue
I guess I can stick with canReflect.onKeyValue/offKeyValue but it makes it difficult.
It'd be nice if canReflect.onKeyValue returned a function or object that I could use to unbind