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Sep 2018
Justin Meyer
Sep 04 2018 14:15
@RyanMilligan please create an issue.
@Lighttree I think it should be ok to have a CanJS 3 and 5 app on the same page at the same time.
Sep 04 2018 14:22
@justinbmeyer will do. In can-stache?
Justin Meyer
Sep 04 2018 14:35
in can-component, <content> is a component thing
Kevin Phillips
Sep 04 2018 16:10
@Lighttree make sure you don't have components with the same tag in both versions
Sep 04 2018 19:00
@justinbmeyer Issue logged: canjs/can-component#297. Thanks for looking at it!
Sep 04 2018 20:08
how can i create a copy of a defineMap instance
a deepcopy
Sep 04 2018 20:23
Is there a good way to make the elementName of a tag depend on a piece of data? For example, let's say I have a tagName property on my view model, and I would like to do something like this in my stache:
<{{tagName}} someAttribute="value" somethingelse="something else">Content</{{tagName}}>