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Sep 2018
Guido Smeets
Sep 10 2018 14:54
anyone here that has experience optimizing stache templates? basically what I want to do is move some template stuff to helpers in order to reduce the number of extra scopes that are created. Specifically I want to be able to wrap a fragment inside another html snippet before returning it from a helper. (maybe @justinbmeyer or @matthewp ?)
Matthew Phillips
Sep 10 2018 17:57
I've never done that personally... but helpers would be a way to escape from stache in hot areas...
Justin Meyer
Sep 10 2018 20:09
Are extra scopes a perf problem?
Guido Smeets
Sep 10 2018 21:29
well I'm creating a table with pagination here
going from not rendering the table body to rendering it is going from 25-50ms on page swapping to 200-350ms
so I was hoping to avoid some subtemplate calls and scope creation by optimizing