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Oct 2018
Nils Lundquist
Oct 17 2018 04:39
Frank Lemanschik
Oct 17 2018 07:47
@justinbmeyer i heard you don't want that we kill h2 push?
if you want you can msg me and i will tell you why we pull that out and in favor of what we do that
i can show you example code for the new async import frameworks and api's we got to replace that functions with client side functions without overhead
we have comed up with realy nice flows for streaming the view out :)
@justinbmeyer and declarativ 2way bind webcomponents is as easy as give both components a prototype that handels reading the values on the tag
Frank Lemanschik
Oct 17 2018 07:52
the components can then simply fetch the data and push it internaly with the instructions from the tag
so you can exchange objects
for example it would be as simple as adding the selector of a component to a tag
but you can do it more technical and also give instance pointers
webcomponents got a global register
Matthew Phillips
Oct 17 2018 13:17
Learn how to take advantage of new routing patterns in your DoneJS app thanks to done-autorender 2.3.0.
Justin Meyer
Oct 17 2018 15:13