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Nov 2018
Gregg Roemhildt
Nov 01 2018 13:34
Hi guys, did logging change in a recnet version of can-stache?
I'm seeing lots of new logs (in a production webpack build).
Sorry, that wasn't in a production build. Nevermind that message :0
Kevin Phillips
Nov 01 2018 14:30
@Lighttree, about :point_up: October 31, 2018 5:34 AM
There is no difference between those get syntaxes
I always use get someProp() { ... } unless I need to pass arguments (for async getters)
then it has to be
someProp: {
  get(lastSet, resolve) {
    // ...
the standard getter syntax ( doesn't allow arguments
Jeroen Cornelissen
Nov 01 2018 20:55
@matthewp @justinbmeyer @frank-dspeed yes, looks like that was my code with some additions from Justin.
We kind of stopped using can-connect, because our backend now is more event-driven. So we have an endpoint for almost every property on a model, eg /item/change-color or /item/change-title, … So we just can’t call save or destroy, we now use a custom “http-handler” and update the props on our model or do a splice/push on a Model.List.