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Nov 2018
Nov 16 2018 07:54
Hi, i created an issue: canjs/can-fixture#160.
I also briefly thought about fixing it myself but i'm not sure why it needs to be _log since there is no use of underscore prefixes in de rest of the code.
Justin Meyer
Nov 16 2018 16:35

@/all We’re going to have a live stream right now about the next survey’s proposals:

Live stream:

@nmingneau there isn't in can-fixture, but there is in a lot of other canjs code
I'll write up a little more so you can do it if you'd like.
Chasen Le Hara
Nov 16 2018 21:20
Our latest community survey is out! 📝 Check your email inbox for a link or learn more and take the survey from here: