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Nov 2018
Nov 20 2018 16:13
Is there a way to bind an event to all members of a DefineMap in a viewmodel? This should be simple (canjs 4.3)
'{viewModel} definemappram' function() { ... does not seem to fire
Justin Meyer
Nov 20 2018 16:29
@sronsiek what do you mean by "all members"?
You want to listen to when any property changes?
btw, if you are in 4.X, I'd suggest using connectedCallback() instead of the events object
You should be able to use canReflect.onPatches():
Chasen Le Hara
Nov 20 2018 18:29
IE11 is now included in the CanJS test suite. 🎉 Props to Kevin, Cherif, and others who contributed to this! 🏁
cc @Lighttree 😃
Chasen Le Hara
Nov 20 2018 19:13
@/all Today’s the last day to vote in our community survey, please fill it out here if you haven’t already: