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Nov 2018
Viktor Busko
Nov 25 2018 00:28
We usually fix them. Not sure about your case, but in cases that I had these warnings pointed on some incorect usage or deprecated stuff.
So it seems like if you disable them you hide potential issues.
Ivo Pinheiro
Nov 25 2018 00:53
They will be fixed for sure but it is a huge application and it takes some time to fix all of them
Meanwhile I was trying to have a build in ou CI server
It seems that the log messages are being sent to testee.
At least is what I can understand from the following call stack:
Frank Lemanschik
Nov 25 2018 07:12
@ivospinheiro testee is a client server Application
it runs a server with a little api for example mocha or anything else it is flexible
testee.min.js is the client part it gets the mocha tests for example executes them and returns them via the api to the server
so testee.min.js is only a executor that sends the result to the server via the api that it offers
and then returns the result from that api call
thats how it works hope that this info helps you a bit better to understand the concepts behind it
Ivo Pinheiro
Nov 25 2018 09:52
What I was trying to say is that the log messages generated by can packages like
Ivo Pinheiro
Nov 25 2018 09:58
Can-bind, can-queues and can-observation-recorder are all being collected by testee client and being sent to testee server. This warning/info messages are not relevant to testee report, so I was trying to disable them because it seems that the tests are hanging because testee client is sending all the log messages to testee server.
Frank Lemanschik
Nov 25 2018 13:43
@ivospinheiro hmmm thats a bit out of my scope as this logs only show up with can-debug normaly this should not get sendet to testee i think your callStack ends at a async timeOut function so this is where it hangs