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Nov 2018
Viktor Busko
Nov 26 2018 14:22

Guys starting from CanJS@4 is it prohibited to have such code in stache ?

{{ myCustomProperty.split(' ')[0] }}

It was valid code before that did required operations on prop

Kevin Phillips
Nov 26 2018 15:44
@Lighttree that should still work
it's possible you're running into this bug: canjs/can-stache#615
although it's not totally the same thing
Viktor Busko
Nov 26 2018 17:48

Hmm... looks different to me

maybe you can check this codepen

Kevin Phillips
Nov 26 2018 17:55
yeah, seems like a different issue
Chasen Le Hara
Nov 26 2018 22:37
@Lighttree Would you mind filing an issue for that with the CodePen you made?
Also, to answer your question about the stache animation proposal being removed from the survey: we regularly remove proposals that haven’t gained a large amount of support over a few surveys. We will probably bring it back in a future survey, but keep mentioning it in the survey comments to remind us. :)