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Dec 2018
Improved can-stache-bindings docs were published last night:
Frank Lemanschik
Dec 10 2018 20:11
@justinbmeyer did you know that ?
it looks like this would be the new coolest view engine
Matthew Phillips
Dec 10 2018 20:11
@frank-dspeed make a canjs integration
Frank Lemanschik
Dec 10 2018 20:12
@matthewp is planned but i need to do befor finish of the Streaming ViewModel Proposal till friday
including examples
its a lot of work as i need to prepare it with complet demos
// this is hyperHTML
function tick(render) {
      <h1>Hello, world!</h1>
      <h2>It is ${new Date().toLocaleTimeString()}.</h2>
setInterval(tick, 1000,
but this was to cool
so i needed to point that out
Matthew Phillips
Dec 10 2018 20:16
yeah we know about it
there's also lit-html that is similar
I haven't quite figured out what the right API is for these sorts of things
maybe @justinbmeyer has an opinion
Stache creates a renderer function, is that the right API for canjs integration?
Frank Lemanschik
Dec 10 2018 20:17
i think something with can-bind or can-value
or how its called now
will do the trick to setup bindinings
Matthew Phillips
Dec 10 2018 20:18
What I mean is, how do you tell a can-component to use hyperHTML for rendering
(or can-element)
Frank Lemanschik
Dec 10 2018 20:23
ah i understand
we simply need a property like steal ssr @matthewp
we simply call Object.render
then we can assign ViewEngine
anything that has a render method
so we call always ViewEngine.render
it would be similar to what express does it sets a view engine