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Dec 2018
Frank Lemanschik
Dec 16 2018 15:40
@justinbmeyer do you got a idea how to polyfill this
view-model.mjs:25 Uncaught (in promise) ReferenceError: regeneratorRuntime is not defined
    at eval (view-model.mjs:25)
    at AppViewModel{}'s componentToShow getter (view-model.mjs:25)
    at Observation.onBound (can-observation.js:86)
    at KeyTree.add (can-key-tree.js:140)
    at Observation.on (value.js:35)
    at Object.eval [as onValue] (observe.js:25)
    at Function.temporarilyBind (temporarily-bind.js:23)
    at AppViewModel.get AppViewModel{}.componentToShow (can-define.js:780)
    at AppViewModel.getKeyValue (map.js:58)
    at Object.getKeyValue (get-set.js:80)
some how for me it looks like steal don't likes dynamic import
maybe i need newer bable?
  async function returnModule(page ,viewModel) {
    setTitle(`doorly - ${page} Page`);
    return import(`/components/page-${page}`)
      .then((m)=> new m.default(viewModel))
        setTitle( 'doorly - ERROR Page');
        // eslint-disable-next-line no-console
        return Promise.resolve(page404);
is the code that starts on line 25 that steal don't likes
without steal it works like a charm