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Dec 2018
Matthew Phillips
Dec 17 2018 13:28
I believe you have to include babel-polyfill to use async functions.
Dec 17 2018 13:38
@justinbmeyer i don't get how to use your component constructors practically
Justin Meyer
Dec 17 2018 14:14
@qantourisc the modal recipe shows how they are used
I think the routing guide does too
Frank Lemanschik
Dec 17 2018 16:36
@qantourisc i can clarify that
there are 2 ways this constructors get used
first way is .stache template references them via can-import or you do it your self
const HelloWorld = Component.extend({
    tag: "hello-world",
    view: `
        <can-slot name="greetingTemplate" />
        <ul>{{#each(items)}} {{this}} {{/each}}</ul>
    ViewModel: {
        items: {}

// Create a new instance of our component
const componentInstance = new HelloWorld({

    // values with which to initialize the component’s view model
    viewModel: {
        items: ["eat"]

    // can-stache template to replace any <content> elements in the component’s view
    content: "<em>{{message}}</em>",

    // <can-template> strings rendered by can-stache with the scope
    templates: {
        greetingTemplate: "{{greeting}}"

    // scope with which to render the <content> and templates
    scope: {
        greeting: "Hello",
        message: "friend"

myGreetingInstance.element; // is like <my-greeting>Hello <em>friend</em> <ul> <li>eat</li> </ul></my-greeting>

myGreetingInstance.viewModel; // is HelloWorld.ViewModel{items: ["eat"]}
this is a defined helloworld component
that gets Loaded aka Instance creation of the constructed component
new HellWorld
is the key part
the part after that is supplying inital values
Paul Tichonczuk
Dec 17 2018 16:44
Working on a Canjs 2->3 migration. Running into an issue where jQuery is complaining about route binding syntax
Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: /:service
Did we miss something? Is this syntax depricated?
Chasen Le Hara
Dec 17 2018 17:59
@tracer99 That’s for something like route.register('/:service'), right?
As far as I know, we’re showing /{service} in our docs since 3.x (and we do show a warning) but we haven’t removed the old colon syntax.
Paul Tichonczuk
Dec 17 2018 18:10
   '/:service route': function(urlContext) {
                if (urlContext.service == 'logout') {
                    route.attr({}, true);
It's a route change binding in a controller.
yeah, that syntax doesn't work either (different error)
Chasen Le Hara
Dec 17 2018 18:13
Hm, I’m not sure, let me check with @justinbmeyer or @phillipskevin
Matthew Phillips
Dec 17 2018 19:45
canjs 5.20.0 is out, adding support for portals:
Justin Meyer
Dec 17 2018 20:24
@tracer99 howdy ... so the app is using the old can-control-route stuff?
Gregg Roemhildt
Dec 17 2018 21:16
:+1: on 5.20 portals. Good solution for a common problem
Matthew Phillips
Dec 17 2018 21:19
Justin Meyer
Dec 17 2018 21:21
@roemhildtg besides modals, what else might you need it for?