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Jan 2019
Gregg Roemhildt
Jan 01 19:14
Hi guys! Happy new years! I had a quick question - I have been looking into using JSDocs for better type info integration with VSCode and was curious if anyone had ever thought about adding jsdocs to canjs, like can-route for instance. Currently, VSCode (Typescript) complains that Property 'register' does not exist on typeof 'canRoute'.
Frank Lemanschik
Jan 01 20:48
@roemhildtg interristing i am using vscode also with canjs
i never got such complaints
but if you like type Info then you should join my effort to code type defintions in typescript for canjs
or my effort to code flow definitions
and if your brave one of the bravest coders on earth join my effort to code ReasonML Bindings
there are only some defintions left over :) we should first start with *.d.ts files and then convert that to flow
after that go over to reason
oh and by the way you should maybe simply use the ESlint extension with VSCode