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Jan 2019
Gregg Roemhildt
Jan 10 13:51
Has anyone ever built a calendar component for canjs they'd be able to share?
Something that would let me pass dates and event names to it so that they'd appear on the calendar in a readable format
Jan 10 14:27

not an automated process, but should be pretty straightforward

Thanks, will take a look.

Jan 10 14:46

this package : can-dom-data-state , it seems a lot of packages for can4 are still using an older version 0.2.0 ,
this is the only one giving me an error:

You can't have two versions of can-dom-data-state, check your dependencies

Matthew Phillips
Jan 10 14:51
@chasenlehara is our resident can-dom-data / can-dom-data-state expert :)
Jan 10 15:02
@matthewp : Thanks.
is there a way to force using only one version regardless of what's mentioned in dependencies ?
Kevin Phillips
Jan 10 15:11
if you're using something in can-util/dom it will load the wrong version
but you shuoldn't need to load any of those things
can you look at System._traceData.parentMap in the devtools console to see what is loading the older versions
(assuming this app is using stealjs)
Jan 10 16:12
@phillipskevin : Thanks.
I think there were some issues due to can-observation, when I changed version from 3.3.x to 4.x.x , all the errors (including the ones from can-dom-data-state) were gone.
Kevin Phillips
Jan 10 16:15
ok great